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Astrology and Divination

Basics of Divination: A Beginner's Guide (MEDIUM)

Manifest Your Astroself: Use Astrology to Gain Self-Knowledge (MEDIUM)

Your Astroself Axis: The Moon Nodes Analysis in Astrology (MEDIUM)


The Search for Identity: A Contemplative Journey (MEDIUM)

Bibliography and Encyclopedias

Walter's Bibliography (PDF)

Walter's Encyclopedia: Academic Edition (SCRIBD)

Walter's Encyclopedia: Illustrated Edition (SCRIBD)

Book and Media Reviews

The New Paradigm in Business, Leadership and Career (17 Book Reviews) (SCRIBD)

The New Paradigm in Consciousness and Spirituality (34 Book Reviews) (SCRIBD)

The New Paradigm in Science and Systems Theory (34 Book Reviews) (SCRIBD)


Creative-C Learning: The Brainsmart Kindergarten (PDF)

Five Arguments for a New Education (PDF)

Great Minds Series, Vol. 1 to 11

Krishnamurti and the Psychological Revolution: A Critical Essay on Krishnamurti's Teaching and Philosophy (SCRIBD)

Creative Genius: Four-Quadrant Creativity in the Lives and Works of Leonardo da Vinci, Wilhelm Reich, Albert Einstein, Svjatoslav Richter and Keith Jarrett

Fritjof Capra and the Systems View of Life (SCRIBD)

Françoise Dolto and Child Psychoanalysis (SCRIBD)

Edward de Bono and the Mechanism of Mind (SCRIBD)

Joseph Murphy and the Power of Your Subconscious Mind (SCRIBD)

Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Bull (SCRIBD)

Terence McKenna and Ethnopharmacology (SCRIBD)

Charles Webster Leadbeater and the Inner Life (SCRIBD)

Alberto Villoldo and Healing the Luminous Body (SCRIBD)

Wilhelm Reich and the Function of the Orgasm (SCRIBD)

Integral Spirituality (Master Hua-Ching Ni)

Natural Healing in the Ni Tradition: The Power of Natural Healing (MEDIUM)

The 2 Powers: Breathing & Eating (MEDIUM)

The Importance of Balance: The Taoist Teaching about Equilibrium (MEDIUM)

What is Integral Spirituality: A Holistic Notion of Spiritual Life (MEDIUM)

What is Spiritual Sufficiency: The Teaching of Master Hua-Ching Ni (MEDIUM)

International Law and Relations

Evidence and Burden of Proof in Foreign Sovereign Immunity Litigation: A Litigation Guide for International Lawyers and Government Counsel (SCRIBD)

The United States of Europe: Utopia or Future Reality? (MEDIUM)

The Webolution: On the Political Role of the Internet (MEDIUM)

Law and Policy for the 21st Century

Draft Statute on Child Protection and Pedoemotions Consultancy: The Decriminalization of Adult-Child Sexual Relations (MEDIUM)

Love or Morality: Social Policy for the 21st Century (PDF)

The Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living in the Lifestyle of Tribal Populations: Guidelines for Sane Policy Making (MEDIUM)

The 12 Angular Points of Social Justice and Peace: Social Policy for the 21st Century (SCRIBD)

The Possible Human: Social Policy and World Peace (MEDIUM)

United Nations Report on Violence Against Children: Research at the basis of the ‘Declaration on the Rights of the Child’ which was adopted by the UN’s General Assembly in August 2006

Leadership, Management and Career

Creative Learning and Career: Some Ideas About Not Getting a Job (SCRIBD)

Walter's Career Guide: Why Getting a Job is Not Enough (SCRIBD)

Walter's Inner Child Coaching: A Guide for Your Inner Journey (SCRIBD)

Walter's Leadership Guide: Why Good Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership (SCRIBD)

Philosophy and Eastern Wisdom

Shamanic Wisdom Meets the Western Mind: An Inquiry into the Nature of Shamanism (SCRIBD)

The Better Life: Transforming Yourself from Inside Out (SCRIBD)

The Drama of the Avatar: Why Spiritual Guidance is a Challenge (MEDIUM)

The Leadership I Ching: Your Daily Companion for Practical Guidance (SCRIBD)

Poetic Writings

Alkibiades: Pamphlet (PDF)

Anissia: True Story (PDF)

Pamphlets (PDF)

Paraculture: Pamphlet (PDF)

Poems (PDF)

Short Stories (PDF)

The Trial (Medium)

Sex, Science, Psychoanalysis, Evolution & The Human Biofield

A New Consciousness: Formulating an Integrative Worldview (MEDIUM)

Chi and the Quantum Field: A Summary (MEDIUM)

Child Abuse vs. Pedophilia Research 1985-2015: Frequently Asked Questions (MEDIUM)

Natural Order: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution (MEDIUM)

The Energy Nature of Human Emotions and Sexual Attraction: A Systematic Analysis of Emotional Identity in the Process of the Human Sexual Response (SCRIBD)

The Human Biofield (PDF)

The Human Energy Field: Modern Science and Ancient Holistic Traditions (MEDIUM)

The Mythology of Narcissism: Pathology of the Consumer Age (MEDIUM)

The Vibrant Nature of Life: Scientific Secrets for Your Journey Through Space and Time (SCRIBD)

Toward a Science of Life: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution (MEDIUM)

Your Way to Innocence: What You Can Learn From Your Inner Child (MEDIUM)

Scholarly Articles, Vol. 1 to 16

The Law of Evidence in a Nutshell: Basics for Law School (SCRIBD)

The Restriction of National Sovereignty: Basics for Law School (SCRIBD)

Alternative Medicine and Wellness Techniques: 14 Paths to Integral Health (SCRIBD)

Consciousness and Shamanism: Cognitive Experiences in the Ayahuasca Trance and Theories of their Causation (SCRIBD)

Creative Prayer: The Miracle Road (SCRIBD)

Soul Jazz: Realizing and Recognizing Your Soul Values (SCRIBD)

The Lunar Bull: About the Spiritual Significance of Matriarchy (SCRIBD)

The Ego Matter: About the Importance of Autonomy for Realizing Your True Self (SCRIBD)

The Star Script: How Astrology Helps Finding Out Who You Are (SCRIBD)

Basics of Mythology: The Main Archetypes Explained (SCRIBD)

Basics of Feng Shui: The Art and Science of Sensing the Energies (SCRIBD)

Power or Depression: The Culture Roots of Abuse (SCRIBD)

The Psychology of Narcissism: Pathology of the Consumer Age (SCRIBD)

Normative Psychoanalysis: How the Oedipal Dogma Shapes Consumer Culture (SCRIBD)

Notes on Consciousness: Elements of an Integrative Worldview (SCRIBD)

Patterns of Perception, Scholarly Articles Vol. 16 (SCRIBD)

The Psychology of Leadership

Anxiety—a Motor: Use Anxiety to Propel You (MEDIUM)

By Yourself About Yourself: Begin to Lead a First-Hand Life (MEDIUM)

Creating for the Void: Creativity—for Which Purpose? (MEDIUM)

Emotions in Motion: Integrate and Handle Your Emotions (PDF)

Focusing Session: Relax and Focus Inside (MEDIUM)

Greater Amplitude: Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin (MEDIUM)

Integrate Your Emotions: A Guide to Emotional Wholeness (SCRIBD)

Mindmap Creativity: Manifesting Creativity (MEDIUM)

Notes on Self-Therapy: What Actually is Therapy? (MEDIUM)

Processed Reality: How to Decondition Yourself (MEDIUM)

Questions or Answers: Why I Like Questions (MEDIUM)

Relaxation or Meditation: A Misleading Question (MEDIUM)

The Autonomy Quest: Why Your Strength is in Your Difference (PDF)

The Innate Knowledge: What About Intuitive Understanding? (MEDIUM)

The Power Quest: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul Power (PDF)

The Secret of Happiness: Find What Makes You Happy (MEDIUM)

The Yelloway Guide: Affirmations for Success and Wellbeing (MEDIUM)

Writing Brings Order: Why Writing is Therapeutic (MEDIUM)

Your Creative Continuum: What in fact is creativity? (MEDIUM)